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Hello all.
I am NinjaTofu a new blogger.
I have a bad habbit of suddenly disappearing from sites...
I'm normally quite lazy. ε-(;-ω-`A)

I'm an anime and manga fan. Most commonly called an otaku.
I have seen quite a few anime but lately all my energy has been put into utaites on Nico Nico Douga. (´▽`)

I like Faneru, Kogeinu, Gero, Sekihan, Usa, Nodoame, clear, Yoppei, Piko, etc etc (*´ー`)

I really like utaites with trap voices for some reason. Piko is my favorite for example. I've been on his Facebook page looking at some of his pictures and I thought that his trap voice really matches his appearance. He looks like a pretty lady ~(○^▽^○)

My favorite of all time is Faneru, though. I don't know why I like him so much. I think his voice is cute. And when he sings in his low voice it's quite smexy (//∇//)

I normally can't catch namas but I have seen neko's, clear (w/ Kettaro), aaaannndd that's probably it... "orz

I usually just read the blogs from those who had already seen it.
It's translated so I like it sligtly better. I really need to practice my Japanese "orz

I suppose I should include my natural stuff, eh?

✧ ♀ ✧ 2/15/97 ✧ Black/Japanese ✧

♪♩♫ J-Pop (Vocaloid, Anime, Nico Nico Douga)

♥Most Fruit
♥Video Games
♥Nico Nico Douga

✖Most Green Veggies
✗White Milk
✗The fact I cant speak Japanese "orz
✗Physical Activities (lawl I'm a lazy bum~)
✗School Work

★ Personality ☆
I'm a big nerd~ xD
But it makes me feel fulfilled
I'm quite shy at times, but I can be really talkative when I open up.
I'm a fun loving person who is loyal and makes a good friend :3
I'm also lazy, scatterbrained, and addicted to technology :]
I have an interest in Voice Acting and animation~ ♡

Other Sites I'm quite active on:

Thank you for reading!!
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